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Why You Need to Hire a Professional Commercial Cleaning Company

Cleaning your work space likely does not rise to the top of the list of things to do for your business. This basic and needed task may not even cross your mind until the dust bunnies rise to greet you as you enter the office in the morning. Or, it may get relegated to staff with little time to do more than a give a quick spray of Lysol to bathroom surfaces.

Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company, like Allied Facility Care, benefits you and your staff in apparent and not so apparent ways. While you may question the wisdom of paying for a service you and your staff can do yourselves, it turns out this approach is costing you more than you know.

How does a professional cleaning company benefit you? Check it out. A commercial cleaning service…

  • Relieves you of cleaning.
  • Improves workplace morale.
  • Increases staff productivity.
  • Decreases employee illness.
  • Saves you money.

Keep reading to find out what a commercial cleaning company brings to the boardroom table.

Training and Experience

Just like you know your job well, professional cleaners do theirs with expertise and excellence. They understand the products and equipment available to get the best results and the supplies needed to stock your workspace throughout the week.

You would not hire a writer without training in accounting to keep your books. The cleanliness and safety of your workspace require someone with training and skills. A professional cleaning company gets the job done right.

Knowledge of Supplies

On the day of an important business meeting, your last thought might be stocking the kitchen with paper towels. An impending sneeze packs more punch if you cannot find the tissue box in the boardroom.

And, who needs to run out of toilet paper on a quick break from a brainstorming session? Professional cleaning companies take these concerns off your mind by stocking kitchens, restrooms and office areas with needed supplies.

Freedom for Your Staff to do Their Jobs

Office cleaning tasks assigned to employees save money — so you might think. However, delegating these tasks to office workers realistically only accomplishes two things. One, job motivation and workplace morale decrease.

Two, time spent on cleaning robs your staff of time to accomplish the tasks you hired them to do. Both cost you money. Professional cleaners do their job so your staff stays committed to theirs.

Benefits to Your Workers

Hiring a professional cleaning company benefits your staff beyond boosting morale and freeing them to do their jobs. It also…

  • Reduces respiratory hazards.
  • Cuts down on allergens.
  • Wipes out illness causing bacteria.
  • Creates a safe work environment.
  • Presents a professional image.

Your workers benefit with less allergy symptoms, less sick days and less injury, and greater pride in their job.

A Thoroughly Clean Office Space

When you add cleaning to your staff to-do list, cleanliness and sanitation may lack. After all, the attention to detail you hired them for may not extend to sanitizing the bathroom. Professional cleaning companies are hired specifically to notice and attend to details you may not see.

What about the dust gathering on top of that ceiling fan? For you, it may be out of sight, out of mind. For a professional, the dust is eliminated so you breathe easier.

A Quality Clean

A quick swipe of the dust rag and vacuum may keep your office space looking clean. But, over time, the streaky windows and stained carpets indicate otherwise. Professional cleaning companies offer a deeper, quality clean to address more than the basics. You can ask about cleaning schedules for…

  • Windows.
  • Drapery, blinds and upholstery.
  • Tile and grout, carpet and other flooring.
  • Air ducts.
  • Walls.

Restoration services may also be available for those times when water, fire or smoke damage your workplace.

Welcoming Environment

Not only does your staff benefit from a clean space, but clients and associates are positively impacted by an office that smells fresh and looks sparkling clean. Imagine your own experience of walking into a business with stained floors and overflowing waste receptacles.

While some of the most knowledgeable people work out of dark and cramped spaces, it makes consumers question their professionalism. A clean office presents a professional, trustworthy image.

Hiring a Professional Commercial Cleaning Company

Not hiring a commercial cleaning company costs you…

  • Time.
  • Money.
  • Professionalism.
  • Staff morale.
  • Reputation.

Working with professional cleaners gives you a thoroughly cleaned workspace, a welcoming environment, employees with boosted morale, OHSA compliance and a safer, healthier office. Sounds like a bang for your buck, doesn’t it?

And, you get to choose the schedule. Some tasks need done weekly i.e. dusting, vacuuming and sanitizing bathrooms. Others might get a once-a-month treatment, like cleaning the break room fridge or scrubbing carpets. The decisions as to what you hire for are between you and the commercial cleaning company you hire.

To talk about your options, contact Allied Facility Care today for a free quote.