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Why Use a Green Commercial Cleaning Service

Living green is a concern for just about everyone on the planet. An increasing number of people are finding ways to be eco-friendly in their everyday lives. The effort to be more eco-friendly has even extended to the workplace. One big move employers can make is choosing commercial cleaning services that use products that are non-toxic and otherwise gentle to Mother Earth. Here are some great benefits of choosing green commercial cleaning services and why it is trending for businesses all over the country.

The Products are Safer

Running a business means that you need to be concerned with the health and safety of the people who work for you. One way you can help to ensure your employees remain healthy is to hire a commercial cleaning service that uses green products. Cleaning products that are safe for the environment are also safer for people. Often, chemical-based cleaning products are full of ingredients that can burn skin, promote allergy or asthma attacks or generally irritate anything with which they come into contact. Green cleaning products are non-corrosive and free from toxins. So they are much safer and will not physically harm people come into contact with them in any way.

No Pollution is Created

The non-toxic nature of eco-friendly cleaning products creates almost no pollution. The products are biodegradable So, any of the products that come into contact with the earth will not harm it in any way. Further, the containers are recyclable, so you will not have to worry about the being placed in a landfill. Further, many products come in refillable containers, further reducing any waste that may be created.

No Noxious Odors

The chemicals that are found in traditional cleaning products are the cause of the strong, unpleasant, and often sickening, odors that come after a cleaning crew has been there. Those smells can often be hazardous to the health of workers as well as being unpleasant to be near. When an office space or other commercial area is cleaned with green cleaners that use natural ingredients, the smells that are produced are pleasant and welcoming, not to mention not harmful to the human body.

More Efficient Cleaning

If you are going to pay for a service to clean your office space, then you want to get your money’s worth. Hiring a green commercial cleaning service can help get that done. Cleaning services that use eco-friendly products can get your office space cleaner than ones using traditional cleaning products can. Eco-friendly cleaning products are made to be high-performance and energy efficient. So, they clean better while using less product.

Promotes Healthier Air in the Workplace

Everyone who works within the confines of your workplace must breathe the air there. If the air quality is low due to the use of toxic chemicals in the cleaning supplies, your workers will be at risk for myriad breathing issues like asthma, allergies and upper respiratory infections to name a few. When your employees cannot breathe efficiently because of the air quality, their productivity will go down, affecting your bottom line. So, creating an environment with healthier air due to the use of green cleaning supplies can not only create an overall healthy environment, it can help your business thrive as well.

Save Money

Chances are that there is not a business owner in the world who would not jump at the opportunity to save money. Contracting with an eco-friendly commercial cleaning service can help you accomplish that. Although a commercial cleaning service that is dedicated to using green practices may cost you more money upfront, it will help you save money in many other facets of your business and increase your overall expenditures. Some ways using a green commercial cleaning service can help your business save money include:

  • Fewer employee sick days.
  • Reduced water usage.
  • Get a better-quality cleaning for your money.
  • Get more usability out of floors, carpets, furniture and other costly expenditures.
  • Use fewer materials and less equipment.

Kinder to the Environment

Commercial cleaning services that use green practices take pride in acting in ways that are environmentally-friendly. You can be assured that when you hire a green commercial cleaning service like Allied Facility Care, that you are making a positive impact on the health of the earth. Everyone needs to do his or her part in making sure the planet stays intact for as long as possible, and working with a green commercial cleaning service for your office or other workspace is a great step in the right direction.

If you have questions about the benefits of hiring a green commercial cleaning service, to schedule a consultation or to schedule an appointment, contact Allied Facility Care today. Mother Nature will be glad you did.