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Take Charge of All the Germiest Places in School Dallas

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School Cleaning Service For All the Germiest Places in School

There is no arguing that schools are great places for children to thrive, learn and make lasting friendships. There is also no arguing, however, that they are also chock-full of germs of all varieties. That is why it is so vital for schools to invest in five-star professional cleaning services. Allied Facility Care is a trusted Keller, Texas-based company that offers in-depth cleaning services to schools located in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex. Our experienced cleaning professionals strive to help schools maintain clean, healthy and pleasant settings for students and staff members alike. If you are looking for a commercial cleaning company that can keep your school’s hallways, classrooms and cafeterias alike fresh and clean, we are here. Our school cleaning services are top-notch.

School Bus

Students make lots of contact with the interiors of school buses on a daily basis. That’s why they’re not exactly the most sanitary places around. Students put their hands all over seats, stability poles, windows and beyond. School buses, because of that, are frequently home to viruses and bacteria such as H1N1, e. Coli, salmonella, staph, and MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus).

Shared Toys

Classrooms often have toys that are available for all students to enjoy. Youngsters are not exactly known for their hygiene standards. That is why the toys they share often are packed with viruses and bacteria galore. It’s critical to note, too, that these toys are sometimes gifts from parents and teachers.

Public Restrooms

It should come as no shock to anyone that public restrooms are among the germiest places in school. Bathroom cleaning duties at schools are never simple. Sinks and commodes in school bathrooms are both issues. The same goes for mirrors, walls, garbage cans, doors and even paper towel dispensers. Hands make a lot of contact with paper towel dispensers and doors. That’s why they’re frequently even dirtier than toilets.


Schools often frown upon the sharing of meals between students. That’s because food sharing often contributes to germ sharing. Children tend to forget to wash their hands. There are so many other things, though, that can lead to germ exchanges in school cafeterias. Children wipe down their eating areas with damp rags that aren’t the most sanitary things on earth. These rags are often germ havens.


Classroom desks can also be serious hygiene issues. Desks that are designated for numerous students tend to be particularly troubling. That’s because they easily encourage the exchange of germs of all varieties. Students sit down at their desks after exposure to other germ-packed settings. It doesn’t matter if a student was on the playground or in the bathroom. There’s always a good chance that he or she was just in a location that was less than meticulously clean. That spells bad news for classroom desks!

Reading Areas

Designated reading areas in classrooms are nice, but they can also be major hygiene concerns. These sections tend to have stuffed animals, cushions and pillows that make close contact with students’ faces and heads. That’s why they’re often full of unpleasant germs, dust mites, and dust.

Wrestling, Gymnastics, and Multipurpose Mats

These types of mats make a lot of contact with students’ bodily fluids. Examples are mucus, blood, and sweat. They make significant contact with skin cells, too. That’s why they often encourage the exchange of ringworm, herpes simplex, impetigo and more. Students who spend time near these mats are often susceptible to contact with all kinds of undesirable viruses and bacteria.

Computer Mouse, Keyboard, and Tablet Surfaces

Students put their hands all over the surfaces of computers and related accessories. That’s the reason computers in classrooms, and computer centers are usually germy nightmares. Remember, students touch keyboards at all different points of the day. They often don’t wash their hands right before sitting down to use the computers, either.

Water Fountains

Unclean mouths and hands get into contact with water fountains all the time. That’s why it’s no shocker that they’re such sanitation risks. Classroom water fountains tend to be even dirtier than those that are located in cafeterias, surprisingly enough. That’s because they tend to get a lot more traffic throughout the course of the day.

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