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Floor Care

Professional Floor Care Service

Quality Commercial Floor Cleaning

Allied Facility Care has a great team that consists of insured, bonded and screened cleaning experts.

They can offer you many excellent choices in floor services, including:

● Carpet cleaning
● Sweeping
● Mopping
● Waxing
● Stripping
● Buffing
● Hardwood cleaning

If you want floors that literally glow, these cleaning aficionados can help you accomplish your goal. Our talented team members can make floors in industrial, educational, medical care and commercial settings appear flawless and impeccable. If you want your office floor to look radiant and beautiful, our in-depth floor cleaning service can do the trick. If you want your retail store show space to be 100 percent free of staining and other problems, our floor cleaning service can aid you equally.

A clean floor is a big deal. That’s because a dirty floor can leave others with bad tastes in their mouths. Unclean floors aren’t welcoming. They make commercial spaces look dark, lackluster and lifeless. They can sometimes even be dangerous. Grimy and stained workplace floors can occasionally lead to potentially hazardous trip and fall accidents. If you’re looking for a highly regarded cleaning company that can provide you with in-depth professional floor care services, you can turn to Allied Facility Care. Allied Facility Care is a widely known local business that focuses on commercial cleaning specialties of all kinds. It doesn’t matter if you need floor cleaning work or if you need janitorial assistance. This facility maintenance firm can cater to all of your requests in full.

Thorough Floor Refinishing Service

All-encompassing floor cleaning service is just the beginning here at Allied Facility Care. If you’re looking for a trusted company that can provide you with first-rate floor refinishing service, that’s us, too. Our floor refinishing work can do a lot for commercial environments that wish to maintain gorgeous and sturdy hardwood floors. Floor refinishing service can give your hardwood floor a fresh, bright and stunning appearance. It doesn’t matter if your hardwood flooring is on the older side, either. Refinishing service can help bring it back to life. Floor refinishing service can also lessen floor upkeep requirements. It can even often eliminate the need for complete floor replacement. If you’re someone who likes keeping costs low, this is a priceless perk. Floor refinishing service, last but not least, can also be good for preventing cracking and splitting wood. Cracks and splits in wood floors can be unsightly. They, as a result, can also sometimes adversely affect business reputations.

floor care
The Immense Value of Floor Protection

Allied Facility Care is a company that always prioritizes the value of floor protection. If your commercial setting receives a significant amount of foot traffic on a daily basis, you should think carefully about investing in professional floor protection service. In-depth protection work can help safeguard your flooring. It can keep your floor safe from the risks of damage and deterioration. It can also contribute to reducing expenses considerably. Businesses that want to steer clear of costly floor repair work can often depend on it. The same goes for companies that want to avoid the stresses of complicated and time-consuming floor replacement service. When you need top-notch floor sealing service, Allied Facility Care is without a doubt a solid company choice. Our meticulous sealing work can boost the longevity of your floor. It can keep unattractive and conspicuous stains far away. It can help make your workplace look flawless, airy and tidy as well. Tired and dirty floors are anything but pleasant and welcoming.

Reach Out to Allied Facility Care As Soon As Possible

Allied Facility Care is a prominent commercial cleaning firm that’s been hard at work for more than a quarter of a century at this point. When you need five-star professional floor care services in Dallas or Fort Worth, Texas, Allied Facility Care can accommodate all of your requirements and beyond. Our skilled and tireless employees can tackle all of your floor care requests with ease, confidence, and dedication. They can offer you floor restoration, floor inspections, VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile) tile cleaning, ceramic tile cleaning, marble floor cleaning and so much more. Our services are always thorough, detail-oriented and efficient. They’re suitable for businesses that want to impress. They’re appropriate for companies that want to maintain clean, healthy and safe environments for employees, customers, and clients, too.