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Know the Difference between Commercial and Residential Cleaning

There are so many cleaning service options out on the market today, who knows where to begin? Should you choose a commercial cleaning service? Or is a residential cleaning service more suited to your needs? There are benefits to using each, including:

  • Choosing a cleaning service based on your personal or business needs
  • Choosing the right price range for you
  • Choosing the strength of the tools needed for your cleaning
  • Choosing the best time for cleaning
  • Choosing the best company to fit your needs

With so many things to consider, it might seem overwhelming. Luckily, we’ve included everything that you need to know about residential and commercial cleaning services.


The biggest difference between the two types of cleaning services is the environment that they clean. Residential cleaning services handle cleaning that needs to be done in a person’s home, whether that involves the individual working in their own home or hiring a cleaning service to do the job.

Commercial cleaning services, on the other hand, involve hiring a professional cleaning service to clean a business. This could range from a business enterprise hiring an in-house team from their workers, to contracting a professional cleaning team to clean the building.


Typically when it comes to commercial cleaning services, the tools and methods used are much larger and more powerful than tools used by residential cleaning services. Considering the area that they are cleaning, these tools are stronger than the ones used for domestic cleaning simply because they have to cover a larger space. These tools would very rarely be found during cleaning an individual’s home.

These tools might include:

  • Advanced carpet cleaners
  • Commercial grade tile and grout cleaners
  • Commercial grade vacuum cleaners
  • High speed scrubbers and buffers
  • Large-scale safety and maintenance equipment

Additionally, residential cleaning includes a much wider range of housekeeping tasks than commercial cleaning; when it comes to residential cleaning, workers might also cook and generally maintain the house on top of the traditional cleaning tasks.


In addition to the locations and the types of tools used, there is a major timing difference between the two cleaning ventures: residential cleaning typically occurs during the day or on weekends, while commercial cleaning usually takes place at night. This is a matter of practicality: in a person’s residence, it makes sense to clean it while they are at home and awake.

When it comes to businesses, though, it is important to clean when most or all customers and employees are gone for the day. This ensures that workers and customers aren’t disturbed, and it gives cleaners greater flexibility to clean the whole building as needed.

Price Differences

The cost of residential cleaning services can become slightly more complicated than commercial cleaning services. The prices are typically based off of the number of services provided; if the house is only vacuumed, it would be a significantly lower price than if the house were thoroughly cleaned.

Commercial cleaning companies, on the other hand, typically offer package deals. These packages are also typically determined by the amount of work to be done, but are grouped together into larger categories. The prices of these vary based on the amount of cleaning required, and can range from cost effective to prices more on the expensive side.


There are a number of companies on the market that offer either commercial or residential cleaning services, or sometimes both. Allied Facility Care is one such company – it teams up with professional, local companies of every size to bring customers the cleaning services to fit their needs. With this wide network, they are able to offer commercial cleaning, floor care, office care, janitorial services and even green cleaning.

Certain companies might also specialize in different cleaning areas, particularly when it comes to commercial cleaning. These areas might include:

  • Educational, cleaning everything from elementary schools to universities
  • Healthcare, keeping up the hygienic standards of hospitals
  • Industrial, maintaining the cleanliness of industrial facilities
  • Office, cleaning working office buildings
  • Porter, swiftly cleaning busy businesses throughout the day

Luckily, Allied Facility Care covers most of the above mentioned cleaning areas.

With all that you now know about the different types of cleaning services, it should be no problem picking a service that is right for you. Whether you are looking for a cleaning service for your home, your office building or your business enterprise, there is always a way to ensure that you meet your cleaning needs while staying in your budget.

Now the choice between commercial or residential cleaning is up to you!