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Allied Facility Care Abides by All ISSA Cleaning Standards in Dallas

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About ISSA Cleaning Standards

The ISSA is a Northbrook, Illinois-based trading association that has a strong reputation within the professional cleaning industry. It establishes regulatory and legislative guidelines that aim to strengthen practices and techniques in the cleaning field. The organization’s member base consists of 7,000 plus entities. If you represent a business that’s part of the educational, medical care, commercial or industrial realm and are looking for high-quality professional cleaning assistance, you should consider working with a local company that carefully follows all ISSA Clean Standards. Allied Facility Care is an example of such a company. Our full-service firm accommodates the cleaning needs of clients in both Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas.

The Value of ISSA Cleaning Standards

ISSA Clean Standards offer foundations that enable people to fairly and impartially evaluate all of their cleaning methods. These standards focus on the “Clean, Measure, Monitor” concept. If you’re looking to enhance the indoor air quality and the environment in your commercial setting, ISSA Clean Standards may be able to help you do so. These principles concentrate on helping people attain significant degrees of sanitation and cleanliness. They concentrate on suitable inspection and monitoring techniques that enable people to evaluate their cleaning approaches accurately. ISSA Cleaning Standards, perhaps most importantly, analyze inspection and measurement details to determine how to strengthen cleaning techniques. They use these details to determine whether or not they can better cleaning formulas as well. The primary objective is to produce an indoor environment that’s 100 percent safe, and that promotes optimal health and well-being for all.

Our Commercial Cleaning Services

Allied Facility Care is a full-service cleaning business that genuinely cares about customers. That’s why ISSA Cleaning Standards mean so much to us. Our extensively trained professional cleaners understand these cleanliness standards in considerable detail. They incorporate them into all of the services they offer as well.

These services include window washing, restroom disinfection, floor cleaning, deep carpet cleaning, and dusting.
Don’t worry if you need professional cleaning service for a school, restaurant, a hotel, a medical office, a retailer or anything else. Allied Facility Care can provide you with in-depth professional cleaning work that can give you complete peace of mind. We can provide you with cleaning service that can significantly benefit your employees, customers, and clients, too. Nothing is more essential than an indoor environment that’s pleasant, comfortable and safe. ISSA Clean Standards give our company full confidence in our professional cleaning service. These standards empower our hard-working cleaning professionals to make solid decisions. They also give our skilled cleaning professionals the opportunity to take advantage of the finest and most efficient cleaning techniques and products that are available on the market. If you want to support a cleaning company that can offer you service that’s the definition of meticulous, exhaustive and all-encompassing, you can’t beat Allied Facility Care.

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Allied Facility Care is a Green Seal Certified company that’s enthusiastic about in-depth commercial cleaning services of all varieties. We’re a cleaning business that emphasizes the value of training and quality control. We also stress the importance of strong management and customer service practices. Allied Facility Care gives clients many diverse choices in services. We focus on more than commercial cleaning work. We also focus on floor care, office cleaning and janitorial services in general. Examples of our first-rate janitorial specialties are sweeping, kitchen cleaning, vacuuming, restroom cleaning, furniture polishing, air vent dusting, and mopping. If you’re looking for a reputable cleaning company in Fort Worth or Dallas, Texas, Allied Facility Care makes a superb choice. Reach out to our business as soon as possible for additional information and to receive a free quote. Cleanliness is our way of life.