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Irving Janitorial Cleaning

Irving Janitorial Cleaning

If you’re searching for Janitorial Cleaning Services in Irving, Tx, Allied Facility Care is ready to provide you with the best in quality, customer service and satisfaction. We understand that businesses need to focus on their product and success, so we strive to ensure the environment is as clean and pleasant as possible.

  • Allied Facility Care is a total care service. We can meet your needs, whether they be janitorial or mechanical, either through our team or one of our trusted partners.

To do this, Allied Facility Care offers the following:

Commercial Cleaning:

Whether it’s cleaning the restrooms, maintaining the general facility, or refinishing the floors, Allied Facility Care is the janitorial service that will gladly fulfill your needs.

  • Every member of our team is provided training through a certified third-party process. We use this method to ensure the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction.

Office Cleaning Services

We understand that in order for your office to run efficiently, you need a reliable, professional service. From general maintenance of the office space to community bathroom facilities and workspaces, Allied Facility Care has you covered.

  • Each of our clients is assigned not only a local district manager, but also a regional manager. This helps to ensure our customers will always have the customer service they require.

Floor Cleaning Services

Commercial and retail floors can take a beating from constant foot traffic. It’s important to have a service that is knowledgeable on floor cleaning, maintenance and refinishing or waxing as needed. We provide all of these services to help keep your most-used surface spotless.

  • Before joining our team, prospective employees are screened through a rigorous process of background checks, provided competitive compensation for their time and continuously update their knowledge through training programs. When you hire Allied, you can be sure that you’re receiving the best of the best in janitorial care.

Industrial Cleaning Care

Often a neglected area of business, it’s important that the industrial, distribution warehouses of your business be maintained to impeccable standards to protect both your employees and your stock. If you have a distribution warehouse in the Irving, Tx area that needs regular maintenance, Allied Facility Care can help.

  • Allied Facility Care has been in operation for over 25 years. During this time we’ve developed partnerships with other industries. In the instance our clients need something we can’t provide, we can contact our professional, highly-rated partners to assist.

Allied Facility Care is proud to be offering our unparalleled quality of service to our clients in the Irving, Tx area. Please contact us for a free quote on our services and to discover how we can help you maintain your facilities and ensure a pleasant, productive environment.