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The Value of Clean and Orderly Educational Environments

Students get so much out of learning. They benefit from the assistance of caring and knowledgeable teachers and educational leaders. They benefit from being around supportive and hard-working friends. They even benefit from clean and pristine educational settings. If you want to contribute to a productive, healthy and pleasant educational facility, top-notch professional school cleaning services are essential. Call Allied Facility Care for more information about our local janitorial services. We're among the finest school cleaning companies in the vast Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex. Our top goal is to keep local educational facilities clean, sanitary and safe for students and staff members alike.

We Make Strong Health a Priority

Students and faculty members spend significant amounts of time in school on a weekly basis. That's why it's so important to maintain hygienic educational environments. Allied Facility Care is a trustworthy business that specializes in all different types of school janitorial services. We're an eco-friendly green cleaning business that has certification on our side, too. A clean school can do so much for students. Young people are highly impressionable and learn so much from observation. A perfectly clean environment can serve as a wonderful example for them.

If you want to encourage students to adopt healthy and efficient cleanliness habits for life, you should do anything you can to promote the highest levels of sanitation in your educational facilities. Don't forget that our company takes a green cleaning approach, either. Our environmentally friendly cleaning service is devoid of harsh chemicals. We want students and faculty members to breathe in healthy and clean air that doesn't contribute to any discomfort whatsoever.


Our Cleaning Experts Can Handle All Types of Requests

Allied Facility Care is a hard-working business that can cater to all types of school cleaning requests. Our team members can manage any floor cleaning or office cleaning needs. They can disinfect restrooms skillfully. They can empty out garbage cans. They can mop hallway floors. They can essentially do it all. We're more than happy to help schools with cleaning projects big and small. We work with all kinds of educational institutions in the area, too. These include both public school districts and private academies. Our cleaning technicians work to provide students with learning environments that are the epitome of sanitary, safe and healthy. If you want your students to learn and socialize in a spick and span environment day in and day out, Allied Facility Care can come to your aid.

a janitor for school cleaning services

“Cleanliness can foster feelings of respect for a person or place. When a student or visitor walks into a dirty environment, a negative message is given. It says, “we don’t care.” Nothing important happens here. A clean and gleaming environment gives the opposite message. It says, “We care, this is a place where great things happen.”

-Dianne Hunt-Mason, A.P.R.N.C.S. M. Ed. Psychotherapy

Our First-Rate Health Standards and Guidelines

Allied Facility Care is a full-service company that's happy to be part of the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA). We're also happy to have Green Seal certification. As ISSA members, we work tirelessly every day to provide all of our clients with the finest and most reliable school cleaning services possible. As a Green Seal certified business, we go above and beyond to contribute to fresh and clean educational environments that are sustainable. Our green cleaning approach aims to better the environment for existing and future generations. It aims to strengthen wellness and health for people everywhere as well. If you're looking for an established cleaning company that always abides by in-depth industry standards and guidelines, you can rely on Allied Facility Care completely.


Our Professional Cleaning Work is 100 Percent Dependable

Allied Facility Care is a reputable firm that has a great staff. Our technicians are some of the most focused, detail-oriented and dependable professionals you can imagine. They strive to give all of our customers the best services available. No educational facility cleaning project is complete until our clients say so. Client satisfaction is everything to our staff. Our technicians are friendly, prompt and responsible people who put our customers' needs first at all times.


Give Allied Facility Care a Phone Call As Soon As Possible

When you need top-quality school cleaning services in Dallas or Fort Worth, Texas, Allied Facility Care is available to save the day. We specialize in all different kinds of educational facility cleaning tasks. Our professionals clean classrooms, cafeterias, student restrooms, teachers' lounges, hallways, gymnasiums, playgrounds and beyond. We're more than happy to take on all kinds of cleaning jobs for our clients. Our team members have been in the facility care realm for more than a quarter-century total now. Get in contact with the staff at Allied Facility Care to learn more about our janitorial services. Call our company to ask for a fast quote, too. It doesn't matter if you need in-depth cleaning work for a local school. It doesn't matter if you need green cleaning work in general. We're here for you.