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Green Seal Certified Cleaning Firm

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Allied Facility Care and Green Seal Certification

Green Seal certification is a distinction that makes cleaning companies stand out. That’s simply because this certification isn’t easy to secure. Allied Facility Care is a green cleaning service company that’s happy to possess Green Seal certification. Green Seal is a widely known non-profit group that focuses on the environment. The organization offers environmental certification principles that are backed by science. It aids government agencies and businesses of all varieties in their quests to acquire sustainability. If you work in an educational, medical care, commercial or industrial setting and care about sustainability and minimizing your environmental footprint, you’ll greatly appreciate the effort Allied Facility Care puts into all Green Seal standards. Our company has proven our commitment and dedication to the well-being of the environment by earning this coveted certification. We have proven that we are serious about sustainability. We want to contribute to the world that can encourage happiness and productivity for future generations.

The Advantages of Green Seal Certification

It’s critical to support cleaning businesses that satisfy Green Seal’s in-depth cleaning standards. Allied Facility Care doesn’t just meet the organization’s eco-friendly cleaning requirements, either. We go above and beyond. We work hard to better the environment by lessening toxic waste and pollution. We save precious resources. Our objective isn’t just to help the environment, either. It’s also to help people in general. We want to promote indoor settings that are conducive to glowing health for all human beings. Certain types of people are especially vulnerable, too. Green Seal certification proves that Allied Facility Care is committed to the use of cleaning products that are gentle and safe for the environment. There are many cleaning products out there that are full of chemicals and that are too aggressive and harsh for older individuals and young children. Repeated exposure to these kinds of cleaning products can also often be detrimental to service employees.

There are other positives to Green Seal certification as well. This certification can make community relations stronger. It can give companies of all varieties that chance to reach brand new customers. It can even enable businesses to strengthen their profits and define their brands better. If you want to take your educational, medical care, commercial or industrial work environment to the next level, you should prioritize Green Seal certified cleaning businesses exclusively. Allied Facility Care is an enthusiastic Green Seal certified company that can make you feel good about your choice. Working with our cleaning company gives you the opportunity to defend the health of the human beings who are around you day in and day out. It gives you the opportunity to treat the environment right as well. Green Seal promotes sustainable green cleaning services and products by conducting comprehensive life cycle studies.

The Commercial Cleaning Services We Offer

Allied Facility Care is a Keller, Texas company that’s a big name in the commercial cleaning world. We’re part of the ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association) and have a deep commitment to cleaning practices and approaches that are detailed, meticulous and tried and tested. Our Green Seal certification is apparent in all the cleaning services we offer. It’s crystal clear in our carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, window washing, dusting, and restroom disinfection approaches. It’s clear in all of our other services, too. We offer top-quality cleaning services to eateries, medical practices, manufacturing facilities, retailers, office buildings and beyond.

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When you’re looking for professional commercial cleaning service that cares about the environment and human health, Allied Facility Care is the company you need in your life. We’re devoted to sustainability and to helping enhance the environment for coming generations. Contact our company today for additional details and to get a free quote. We cater to clients in Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas.