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Cleaning Services Plano, Texas

Cleaning Services Plano, Texas

You go to great lengths to make your business better, so why not outsource your facility maintenance? We make your business look better—inside and out—plus, you’ll have much more time to grow your business when you leave the maintenance to us.

We offer:

  • Commercial cleaning
  • Office cleaning and janitorial services
  • Floor and carpet cleaning
  • Green cleaning

Facility maintenance is not your core business, so outsource it to us instead of maintaining expensive in-house employees. The cost savings case is there for you, so add us to your budget, then leave the cleaning to us.

Every business in the Plano area wants to appear neat and clean-it’s a must if you’re in business. We’ll do that for you. We have many happy clients in the Plano area:

  • car dealerships to churches
  • hotels to health clinics
  • retail shops to restaurants

We want to add you to the list. We provide services for all sizes of commercial office complexes, so give us a call at Allied Facility Care. Here are the main services we offer.

Commercial Cleaning

We offer commercial cleaning services for all types of office and industrial complexes, schools, hospitals and more.

We provide excellent window washing and bathroom acid washing and disinfecting services. We also offer an eco-friendly “green” cleaning service that greatly enhances the indoor air quality of your workplace. If you or your employees have concerns about toxic fumes, harsh chemicals or indoor air pollution, our green option is exactly what you need.

Our Allied employees are hard working. It’s why our business continues to grow. We go the extra mile. We’ll do what it takes to achieve a clean workplace for you. Our customers expect attentive service and have come to depend on us for all their facility needs. We want to do the same for you.

Office Cleaning

Did you know that employees work more productively in a tidy and clean environment? Boost your productivity by hiring us for office cleaning services and janitorial services. We will come in as often as you like and make every office spruced up for the next day’s work.

We do everything from dusting to emptying every trash can. When your clients come in the next day, they’ll be walking into a welcoming and clean environment.

Allied Facility Care is ready to accommodate all of your specific requests. We provide our customers a vast range of custom cleaning plans, and we will devise a plan that suits your workplace and your needs.

Floor Cleaning

Have you ever walked into a business, and been turned off by their grimy floors? Always make a great first impression with sparkling clean floors. To most customers, clean floors are a big deal. With so much foot traffic going in and out of your business, floors quickly get dirty.

We offer hard floor cleaning and carpet cleaning as well, and we’ll come in as often as you need us to. We even offer hardwood floor cleaning and refinishing services so you can maintain gorgeous hardwoods. Our refinishing technique often stops small problems like cracks or splits from becoming bigger problems.

We do such a good job that our clients scrap their plans to replace the floor. The refinished ones look that good. We also offer other types of floor protection to keep all your flooring types looking like new.

Green Cleaning

More of our customers in Plano and the Dallas/Fort Worth area are opting for green cleaning products. These businesses want to protect the health of their employees and the health of the environment at the same time.

This is something that we take very seriously at Allied Facility; we focus on products that are environmentally safe and good for the planet in general. We definitely steer clear of any hazardous chemicals that could pose a risk to employee health, particularly breathing or skin problems.

We use the safest products on the market, free of carcinogens and reproductive toxins. We guarantee there will be no harsh fumes or unpleasant chemicals in your workplace. Every product we use is non-corrosive, so it won’t damage your skin, eyes or even your clothes. We have full confidence in our range of green products and services, and our clients in the area do, too.

Give Us A Call

There’s nothing better than a clean office and building. Our professional cleaning experts will give you that satisfaction. We understand every aspect of commercial cleaning:

  • surface cleaning
  • kitchen and bathroom cleaning
  • garbage removal
  • and more

All of our dedicated team members are experienced professionals who make any commercial setting look amazing. We provide all-encompassing services and are efficient and dependable. You won’t be disappointed.