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Cleaning Services Memphis, Tennessee

Cleaning Services Memphis, Tennessee

A clean space boosts your professional image. Whether it’s an office or the entire building, a clean facility is important to what you do in Memphis, Tennessee. Hiring a facility maintenance company promises to get the job done. Partnering with the right team for the right services ensures that promise is kept.Allied Facility Care offers Memphis, Tennessee businesses:

  • Commercial cleaning services
  • Janitorial services
  • Office cleaning services
  • Floor cleaning services
  • Industrial cleaning services

Who Uses Allied Facility Care?

We love to work with diverse industries in all kinds of facilities. Large warehouses do not intimidate us. Small offices do not bore us. Our depth of experience illustrates our expertise and skill in handling any job. Check out this list of places Allied services are used:

Hotels, restaurants and eateries, manufacturing centers, retail shops, healthcare clinics, commercial office complexes, multi-tenant structures, financial institutions, daycare centers, schools, institutions of higher learning, community hospitals, industrial environments, gyms, churches, car dealerships, insurance offices and warehouses.

Didn’t find your business listed? We can still help. Our cleaning expertise runs across industries. And, we would love to begin a partnership with you. Still not convinced you need our services? Keep reading…

Why Do I Need Allied Facility Care?

If you own a business, large, small or somewhere in between, Allied offers you cleaning services you can trust. Our services bring more than peace of mind. We give you:

A Professional Image

Your reputation rests, in part, on the image you present. Allied understands that clean, clutter-free offices and buildings provide customers and clients with an appealing professional image. Our services create a highly welcoming space for all who enter your doors. And, build pride in those who work for you.

Increased Productivity

Clean, tidy environments increase the productivity and efficiency of your workforce. When your staff walks into an Allied-cleaned space, they want to give their best. The distraction of clutter and freshness of the air quality clears their minds and readies them for the day ahead. Plus, it simply boosts morale.

Improved Health and Safety

Cluttered work spaces with layers of dust and harmful toxins, not only impact morale, they impact health and safety. The Allied experts remove obstacles employees might trip over by keeping the space tidy. They offer services which keep floors, kitchens, bathrooms and more free of dust and bacteria for healthier employees.

Green Cleaning Benefits

When you choose Allied’s green cleaning options, you get no antibacterials, chemical smells, reproductive toxins and carcinogens, or corrosive agents. This means improved air quality and optimal health benefits with our proven high-quality clean for you, your staff and your clients. Green Seal certified, Allied protects you and the environment.

What Allied Services Do I Need?

Allied Facility Care offers a variety of services, including eco-friendly options. Simply decide which services fit your business space and consider it done. Improving your work environment, the health of employees and the client experience is as simple as a phone call. The Allied professional staff helps with:

  • Commercial cleaning services: Customizable cleaning plans which get your commercial property ready to welcome customers and clients are our specialty. Choose from bathroom acid washing or disinfection, carpet cleaning, window washing and more.
  • Janitorial services: Allied offers top-tier cleaning for facilities in the commercial, industrial, medical and educational sectors customized to your needs. Air vent dusting, trash removal, restroom cleaning and kitchen cleaning are just a few options available to you.
  • Office cleaning services: From sweeping to window washing to professional disinfection, our services cover your office daily or weekly — your choice. Add our floor care or janitorial services if your facility needs more attention.
  • Floor cleaning services: Insured, bonded and screened cleaning experts offer floor care services, including waxing, stripping, buffing, plus hardwood and carpet cleaning. Floor refinishing services and professional floor protection services are available as well.
  • Industrial cleaning services: Clean, sanitary and secure cleaning services by seasoned professionals familiar with industrial settings tackle the big job of keeping your facility safe. Small or big warehouses — we cover you.

Every Memphis, Tennessee business faces unique cleaning needs — we understand. You may not fit perfectly into one of the above categories. At Allied, we offer custom cleaning plans to cater to your needs. Contact us to discuss how our first-rate cleaning experts can best work for you.

What A Partnership With Allied Facility Care Promises You in Memphis, Tennessee

The services offered by any commercial cleaning company only reveal part of the story. Professionalism, quality, expertise and more impact your working relationship and satisfaction with the company you partner with. Allied gives you more than just a laundry list of services. We promise:

  • Over 25 years of experience in facility care
  • Trained, professional cleaning experts
  • Guaranteed, certified partners
  • Green Seal certification
  • ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association) compliance
  • Cloud-based quality control system
  • Exceptional customer service

Contact us today to get set up with our professional cleaning services — unmatched in Memphis, Tennessee.