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Cleaning Services Irving Texas

Cleaning Services Irving Texas

Successful businesses need to focus on the core products and services that made them successful in the first place. Cleaning and care of their facilities is, often, best handled by a company that specializes in total facility care. Through a strategic partnership program with area businesses here in the Irving area, Allied Facility Care helps businesses to succeed by offering total facility care via:

  • Commercial cleaning services
  • Janitorial cleaning services
  • Office cleaning services
  • Floor cleaning services
  • Industrial cleaning services

Cleaning and Maintaining Commercial Facilities

Allied Facility Care has been providing quality commercial cleaning services for businesses of all sizes for over a quarter century. Believing that a commercial facility should be maintained in an orderly and pristine way, they offer extensive professional service from years of experience cleaning manufacturing centers, hotels, commercial office complexes, retail shops and dining establishments.

Janitorial Cleaning Services Available

Working on a daily basis in a clean and pleasant environment is a proven factor in maintaining a proactive and productive workforce. This requires a level and expertise in janitorial services that encompass everything from sweeping, vacuuming, mopping and carpet shampooing to thorough kitchen and restroom cleaning. Allied Facility Care provides this and more.

Cleaning and Maintaining Offices

Whether you prefer your office is cleaned on a daily or weekly basis, Allied Facility Care offers a variety of service options to meet your needs. In addition to thorough and expert floor and restroom care, desk cleaning, dusting, glass door washing and window cleaning services are provided as well.

Cleaning and Maintaining Floors

The cleanliness of a businesses’ floors creates an immediate impression, for good or bad, about the general condition of the facility. Aside from the effect on the aesthetics of the business, unclean floors may create safety concerns. In addition, existing flooring may require refinishing. Allied Facility Care are experts in all areas of floor maintenance and refurbishing.

Cleaning and Maintaining Industrial Facilities

What about cleaning and maintaining large, industrial facilities and structures like factories and distribution centers? It takes a certain level of competence and experience to meet the demands of industrial cleaning. Fortunately, Allied Facility Care technicians are both experienced and highly trained in providing the scale and quality of services necessary for large industrial projects.

Why Your Best Cleaning and Maintenance Choice Is Allied Facility Care

When choosing a company to entrust the care and maintenance of your Irving area business, consider the advantages of Allied Facility Care:

  • A total facility care company.
  • Guaranteed quality control through ongoing training.
  • A vested, results oriented management structure.
  • Emphasis on developing a successful team atmosphere.
  • Availability of developing strategic partnerships.

These are advantages developed and honed over a 25-year period of working with companies that encompass the full spectrum of today’s businesses. The various facilities Allied Facility Care has serviced during this time period is both extensive and diverse. So much so, it is safe to say there is no type of business for which they do not have the requisite experience to handle.

Specialized Services You’ll Receive from Allied Facility Care

Allied Facility Care has an unequaled reputation spanning a quarter of a century, and their specialized services are unmatched. Here’s what your Irving area business can expect by way of services:

  • Professional staff. Expertise and a commitment to providing excellent service. That’s the focus on both hiring and training provided by Allied Facility Care.
  • Customized cleaning programs. Allied Facility Care are experts in coming up with a customized clean plan that works for your business.
  • Green cleaning. For those desiring eco-friendly cleaning, Allied Facility Care will satisfy that desire.
  • Emphasis on customer service. Allied Facility Care believes in going the extra mile for their customers.
  • Quality control that’s always accessible. Utilizing a cloud based quality control system ensures swift communication between Allied Facility Care and their customers.

Allied Facility Care: Experience You Can Trust

Throughout the Dallas and Fort Worth metropolitan area, Allied Facility Care has spent the past 25 years establishing a stellar reputation for facility cleaning and maintenance. This was not achieved by accident, but by a dedicated vision for building a business that, today, stands out among its competitors.

This strategic vision has resulted in successful and long standing partnerships between Allied Facility Care and a host of medical care, industrial and commercial facilities that stand as models of quality service and commitment. Here in the Irving, Texas area this same level of vision and quality of service is available to facilities of all types looking for that extra something special in cleaning and maintenance.

If your Irving area business has experienced dissatisfaction with your current cleaning care company for any reason, whatsoever, there’s no better time than today to contact Allied Facility Care for a free consultation. It’s a move you’ll never regret.