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Cleaning Services Addison, Texas

Cleaning Services Addison, Texas

If you need facility care service in Addison, Texas, partner with Addison Facility Care. We are a commercial cleaning company that’s dedicated to our commercial, office and industrial clients.Allied Facility Care serves Addison, Texas with the following:

  • Commercial Cleaning Services
  • Janitorial Cleaning Services
  • Office Cleaning Services
  • Floor Cleaning Services
  • Industrial Cleaning Services

Keep reading for an in-depth look at all our services. Find out how Allied Facility Care can make your place of business cleaner, safer and more impressive.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Allied Facility Care is an all-inclusive commercial cleaning company. Our team of technicians, managers and operators offer customized cleaning solutions for all commercial environments. No matter what commercial cleaning service in Addison Texas you require, Allied Facility Care delivers the people and process to get the job done.

Allied Facility Care manages large scale commercial clients across several industries. We provide full janitorial staff, maintenance technicians and any other commercial cleaning services our clients need.

Along with being a full service-firm, Allied Facility Care manages day-to-day cleaning operations for small businesses. Let us dispose of your waste, mop your floors and make sure the bathroom is clean. No job is too big or too small for Allied Facility Care of Addison TX.

Janitorial Cleaning Services

Allied Facility Care provides professional janitors and janitorial services throughout Addison, Texas. We’ll put together a full service janitorial cleaning solution or provide you with janitorial  staff to compliment your existing team.

Our janitorial cleaning services cover all the bases, including but not limited to:

  • Trash Can Emptying
  • Garbage Removal
  • Recycling
  • Sweeping
  • Mopping
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Glass Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Restroom Cleaning
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Furniture Polishing

Our janitorial services are ideal for all types of industries and institutions. All our janitors are professionally trained to meet the highest quality standards. Our janitorial staff delivers thorough, detail-oriented cleaning with a friendly smile.

Office Cleaning Services

With a professional office cleaning service, cleanliness is always a priority. Allied Facility Care provides turnkey office cleaning services. Don’t let a clean office fall by the wayside when you’re busy with your business. Just say what you need, and we take care of the rest.

Enjoy all the benefits of regular office cleaning, including:

  • Organization & Productivity: Know where everything is without having to look for it. Don’t be slowed down by clutter or menial work. Let you and your team stay focused on the task at hand. Hire Allied Facility Care and keep cleaning off your plate.
  • Employee Morale: Workers enjoy a clean space -especially when they’re not responsible for the upkeep. When your workers don’t have to deal with unnecessary office chores, they spend more time doing their jobs. Let Allied Facility Services keep your office clean so your employees work better and happier.
  • Impressive Facilities: A clean office is a demonstration of success. It says you can get work done and still care about the little things. Leave a positive impression on your clients with your clean office space. Show your office’s appearance is just as excellent as the business you do.
  • Details Don’t Get Lost: It’s our job to make sure the base boards are swept. We make sure every surface area is wiped down with no crumbs left behind. Dirty dishes don’t sneak by us. There’s no trash accidentally left in the office overnight. Your office cleaning doesn’t fall through the cracks when you let Allied Facilities Care handle if for you.
  • Safety: A neat, clean and organized office is a safe place to work. There’s less chance of an accident due to negligence or unsafe working conditions. Allied Facility Care cleans, sanitizes and details your office facility – keeping germs away and your environment healthier.

Floor Cleaning Services

From day-to-day maintenance to heavy cleaning, Allied Facility Care handles all types of floor cleaning services in Addison, Texas.

Our team of licensed, insured and bonded floor cleaning technicians provide everything you need, including:

  • Regular sweeping and mopping
  • Buffing, stripping and waxing services
  • Vacuuming and carpet cleaning
  • Hardwood cleaning services

Protect your hardwood floors and vinyl from undue wear-and-tear. Keep your carpets clean of dust and debris. Have floors that can literally glow with cleanliness. Allied Facility Care can do all this and more for your floors.

Industrial Cleaning Services

Allied Facility Care offers cleaning services at all kinds of locations. We provide cleaning service in public places, like schools, churches, community centers and gyms. Allied Facility Care services dealerships, offices, healthcare facilities and other places of business. We clean for restaurants, cafeterias and other food and beverage locations.

We’re well equipped to meet the unique needs of a manufacturing or industrial environment. From laboratories to loading docks, we know our way around several specialized spaces. Our industrial cleaning services are designed to  integrate with your existing workflows. Allied Facility Care keeps your industrial facility clean without getting in your way.

Facility Care Service in Addison, Texas

For the best commercial cleaning services and facility care service in Addison, TX, hire Allied Facility Care.

In summary, this is what we do for our clients in Addison, Texas:

  • Commercial Cleaning Services: From full-service staffing, infrastructure and management services – to the small day-to-day tasks – we have you covered. Allied Facility Care provides commercial cleaning solutions for companies of all sizes.
  • Janitorial Cleaning Services: Allied provides professional janitors and janitorial solutions for all industries and institutions. Our detail-focused technicians deliver A+ janitorial cleaning services.
  • Office Cleaning Services: Having your office space regularly cleaned provides several benefits, like boosted employee morale, organized workstations and safer working conditions.
  • Floor Cleaning Services: Allied Facility Care can handle regular floor cleaning (sweeping, mopping, vacuuming) as well heavy-duty cleaning and skilled labor (re-finishing, sealing, etc)
  • Industrial Cleaning Services: Not every company has the expertise, experience and discretion to properly clean an industrial space. Allied Facility Care services all types of industries at any location – there’s no limit on the work we can do.

Get a free quote for your place of business. Contact us and we’ll show you how Allied Facility Care Service can improve your daily operations.