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A New Year … Time to Spring Clean

It’s a New Year and there is no better time to start planning for spring cleaning. Maybe you put this off at the end of the year thinking you would get to it at the beginning of the year. Maybe your organization has kept this in-house but has become too busy to keep up with…

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Chemical-Free Office Cleaning Supplies

According to the EPA, indoor air pollution ranks among the top environmental dangers. Many of these indoor pollutants come from common cleaning products. The effects of exposure to these pollutants can range from headaches and fatigue in the short term to respiratory diseases and cancer as a result of long-term, repeated exposure. Chemical-free cleaning chemicals…

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Adhering to an Office Maintenance Schedule

Maintaining a professional and clean working environment is vital. It presents your company in the best possible light to clients and creates a productive atmosphere for employees. Typical tasks can include everything from office cleaning that needs to be done daily, to chores that only need to be completed periodically. It’s easy to lose track…

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6 Easy Ways to Keep Your Cool in the Office

A hot and stuffy office can make work unbearable for employees. According to the National Climatic Data Center, the first half of 2014 has tied for the third warmest period across land and ocean surfaces since 2002. This heat has broken records and broken sweat across the brows of western American workers. Making the office…

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Technology vs. Janitorial? The two can coexist

You might think that today’s latest technology and janitorial service have nothing in common. Allied Facility Care shows how they not only can coexist but how they are crucial to a properly maintained facility. Allied Facility Care doesn’t just promise quality we prove that we are delivering what you expect through our cloud based Quality…

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Give your flooring a fresh start this year!

With a new year upon us, it is a good time to ensure your flooring looks good and is protected. Give your flooring a fresh start this year! Flooring can be a big investment for a facility, protect that investment by utilizing a service company that can handle all your flooring needs. Regardless if it…

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