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Benefits Abound in Transitioning to Green Cleaning Products in Dallas

These days, consumers and businesses are taking a serious look at the advantages of incorporating green cleaning products into their routine cleaning and maintenance. Allied Facility Care, the leader in facility care cleaning services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, takes the subject of green cleaning seriously, and offers green cleaning services to its customers as part of their comprehensive facility care cleaning options.

Why Green Cleaning Products May be a Viable Cleaning Option for Your Facility

  • Green cleaning promotes enhanced air quality.
  • Green cleaning reduces odor found in chemical cleaners.
  • Green cleaning reduces resistance to antibiotics.
  • Green cleaning promotes environmental sustainability.
  • Green cleaning creates a better working environment for employees.

Allied Facility Care: Standing at the Forefront of Commercial Green Cleaning Services

As part of its efforts to promote green cleaning, Allied Facility Care maintains a full staff of cleaning technicians experienced in all aspects of utilizing green cleaning products in lieu of more traditional chemical cleaners.

The green cleaning products used are both safe and gentle, able to effectively and thoroughly clean all areas of a facility, but without the toxicity and carcinogenic chemicals often found in traditional cleaning products. The green cleaning products are non-corrosive, greatly reducing incidents of injuries to eyes and skin.

Allied Facility Care offers these services to all types of commercial businesses and facilities both large and small. Among these are representative businesses from a full range of industries, including medical, educational and industrial. Applications for green cleaning extend beyond total facility care to include janitorial and commercial floor care and cleaning.

Benefits of Entrusting Your Cleaning Needs to Allied Facility Care

Whether opting for green cleaning services or more traditional methods, Allied Facility Care continues to stand apart in excellence for the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Here’s why:

  • They offer complete cleaning and care for facilities large and small.
  • They achieve excellent quality control through extensive training of staff.
  • They successfully promote team development and atmosphere for their employees.
  • They have a proven and structured management approach to achieving positive results.
  • They actively seek to develop strategic partnerships with area businesses.

Providing Proven Benefits Has Established Trust in Allied Facility Care

For over 25 years Allied Facility Care has honed its commitment to earning the trust of Dallas-Fort Worth area businesses through focusing on these positive benefits as a way to earn the trust of all for whom they provide cleaning services. In the process they have earned a reputation for expertise and excellence.

Today, when there is a growing focus on environmental sustainability, Allied Facility Care is applying these same principals in the promotion of the value of switching to green cleaning services. While fully understanding and supporting customer’s choices in the question of going green when it comes to cleaning, they are always ready to share their knowledge and experience on the subject for those interested.

Allied Facility Care Offers Comprehensive and Specialized Cleaning Services

When your business makes the commitment to partner with Allied Facility Care for the extensive care of your entire facility, you’ll be amazed at the comprehensive and specialized services they are able to offer you, green or otherwise. Among these are:

  • Complete dedication to customer service. Employees from management level to cleaning technicians are committed to providing the best in customer service.
  • Assured quality control processes. The reason customers are so confident in Allied Facility Care is because the work they do is guided by an emphasis on quality control that delivers superior service.
  • Cleaning options customized to meet your needs. Every business is unique and has particular cleaning needs. Allied Facility Care are experts in matching their services to your needs.
  • Partnering leads to satisfied customers. Allied Facility Care seeks to develop a strategic partnership with your business. One that opens up unique benefits for your facility.
  • Staff expertise and professionalism. Allied Facility Care believes that the core of their services are dependent on the excellence of their staff. To that end, training is thorough and ongoing.

Green cleaning is becoming more popular every day, and Allied Facility Care — a Green Seal Certified provider of green cleaning services — will continue to promote and educate consumers and customers as to the benefits of transitioning to green cleaning, and away from more traditional cleaning methods. No matter what type of facility you own, and no matter what industry you serve, Allied Facility Care stands ready to work for and with you in providing the best in facility care and maintenance.

If your business seems a viable candidate for this transition to green cleaning, you are encouraged to contact Allied Facility Care for a detailed evaluation and consultation, followed by an estimate for green cleaning services. Regardless of your cleaning choice, Allied Facility will tailor a program that meets your specific needs. Use this contact form to initiate an honest and frank discussion on the benefits of going green with your facility care and cleaning.