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Green Seal Certified Cleaning Firm

office cleaned by green seal certified company

Allied Facility Care and Green Seal Certification Green Seal certification is a distinction that makes cleaning companies stand out. That’s simply because this certification isn’t easy to secure. Allied Facility Care is a green cleaning service company that’s happy to possess Green Seal certification. Green Seal is a widely known non-profit group that focuses on…

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Insights into Reputable Janitorial Services

reputable janitorial services

When a business outsources janitorial cleaning services, they want to receive the best services. Hiring reputable janitorial services is a smart move to ensure an effective way of cleaning an office while saving both money and time. What to expect from janitorial cleaning companies Janitorial services should give a business quality service worthy of what…

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Find the Right Industrial Cleaning Services for Your Needs

We offer professional industrial cleaning services that you can rely on. When it comes to your business, you want to make sure that you choose a company that offers premium services that you can trust. People will be able to tell how much you care about your business based on its appearance. First impressions matter,…

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A Green Cleaning Service Helps Create a Healthier Environment

Green cleaning service

More and more businesses are turning to commercial green cleaning services and you may be wondering what the reasons are for this trend. It turns out there are a number of advantages to choosing a green cleaning service, including being environmentally friendly and good for the health of employees and customers. Although there are many…

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Meeting Healthcare Cleaning Standards

medical cleaning services

In the healthcare industry, it’s best to choose medical cleaning services with proven experience in medical housekeeping. One of the primary needs is to stop the spread of germs. Cleaning personnel should observe strict procedures to maintain sanitary conditions while leaving the premises looking polished and professional. Allied Facility Care serves the Dallas-Fort Worth area…

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