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Arlington Janitorial Cleaning

Arlington Janitorial Cleaning

If you need corporate janitorial service in the Arlington, Tx area, you should know that Allied Facility Care is recognized as a leading provider for commercial cleaning services.

Allied Facility Care provides customized services to office buildings, hospitals, retail spaces, schools and more with a highly trained staff that’s able to provide the care your working spaces need with professional attention to detail.

  • Allied Facility Care has over 25 years in combined experience providing commercial cleaning service.

We take pride in the janitorial services we provide, and strive to continue to offer competitive prices for the superior service our customers receive. We understand that it’s important for to have a clean and orderly space to ensure your commercial areas are productive, pleasant for employees and convey positive messages to your clientele.

  • Allied Facility Care offers a no-obligation free quote to potential clients to enable price checking.

We also recognize the importance of having a staff that’s well-trained, certified, and dedicated to providing the best service to your company. We take care to offer ongoing training to our staff to ensure that our customers receive top-notch commercial cleaning. We supply each of our clients with both a regional and a district manager to ensure the customer service they receive is exemplary.

  • Allied Facility Care uses a third-party certification system, employs background screenings, and offers fair compensation to employees.

Allied Facility Care provides a wide variety of specialized cleaning services in addition to more standard janitorial care. Services that we provide range from general cleaning, acid washing bathrooms, disinfecting, dusting, carpet cleaning and stripping and re-waxing floors. We can be contracted to work a broad array of environments from retail shops to industrial warehouses.

  • Allied Facility Care works with both large and small commercial spaces. We participate in a partnership program with other commercial cleaning services in the area to provide excellent service.

We recognize our obligation to the environment and work to provide Green Cleaning services that are sustainable and benefit our clients. Our products are designed to provide air quality to our clients by not leaving harsh chemical odors and our staff is trained in current eco cleaning techniques.

  • Allied Facility Care utilizes cleaning formulas that are free from carcinogens and reproductive toxins.

We are thrilled that our commitment to providing the best commercial cleaning services has earned Allied Facility Care a reputation for one of the best facility maintenance services available. We would love to add your commercial space to our growing list of clients.

Please stop by our website to learn more about the professional services we offer in the Arlington, Tx area or contact us to customize your maintenance plan.