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Addison Janitorial Cleaning

Addison Janitorial Cleaning

Determining who to hire as your janitorial cleaning company is not exactly an easy task. You could choose a cleaning service based on their price, but then what do you know about the level of cleaning they provide?

It’s like the old saying goes; ‘you get what you pay for’, but are you sure that you want to take that risk when it comes to your business’s cleanliness? When hiring a cleaning service, you should look for the following:

  • How long they’ve been providing commercial cleaning
  • Are their employees trained
  • What areas will they clean
  • What areas won’t they clean
  • How much do they charge

You should also be determining if your prospective janitorial cleaning service in Addison has the proper experience to fit your precise needs. If you are a school, hospital, or medical facility looking for a cleaning service, you’ll want a company that has extensive experience in cleaning those types of facilities.

Questions to Ask

There are standards that commercial businesses must meet. These standards can be set by your customers or by state guidelines, especially if you run any type of facility that cares for people or children.

To determine the right Addison, Texas janitorial service for your business needs, you will want to ask the proper questions, doing so will narrow down your decision. Your questions should include the following:

  • What are the training requirements of employees?
  • How will the company communicate needs or issues with you?
  • Is the company CIMS certified? (Certified Industry Management Standards)
  • Are your employees screened?
  • Will the same employees clean my business each time?

But those aren’t the only questions you should be asking, come up with a list of what’s important to you and your business to ask each company that you interview. A few important items to ask your potential cleaning service includes:

  • How frequently do they bill?
  • What form of payment do they accept?
  • Do they provide their employees workers comp?
  • Are they, and their employees, insured?

How to Choose the Right Janitorial Cleaning Service

After you’ve narrowed your results down to the top two or three, you need make a list of the pros and cons of each so that you can clearly see who will fit the needs of your business.

Look for things that stand out about one that the other’s don’t offer. Perhaps one Addison cleaning service might provide periodic quality control checks to be sure their employees are doing what you agree upon.

Many janitorial cleaning services, like Allied Facility Care, will offer green services and standards with their cleaning. Whether or not green cleaning is important you, doesn’t matter and that’s because it will matter to your employees and customers.

Determine whether the cleaning service can provide green cleaning services and if they employ green standards. These services should include using environmentally safe cleaning products as well as recycled paper products.

Some other green standards to look for include:

  • Utilizing proper chemical storage
  • Proper transporting and disposal of chemicals
  • Reusing trash liners that haven’t been soiled with liquids or food products

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