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Allied Facility Care is the commercial cleaning company to trust in the industrial, commercial, healthcare and educational sectors. We have the resources and the experience to accommodate large-scale janitorial work, commercial cleaning, and floor care. Being a member of the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) and acquiring the Green Seal certification, we can assure our clients of the superior quality of the service we provide.

We are one of the few commercial cleaning companies in Dallas that offer total facility care. Moreover, we provide thorough training for our employees (via a third party certification program), as well as assign district and regional managers to deliver better service. You can even follow our work through our cloud-based Quality Control System, on which you’ll see the entire record of all our inspections and real-time notifications.

Excellently, Competitively

Our objective is to keep your workplace immaculate, for both your staff and your equipment. You can achieve improved efficiency through many ways, and maintaining a clean environment is among the best ways to do exactly that. We provide excellent cleaning services so that you can maintain your competitive edge.


AFC is the commercial cleaning company that will look after you. Get in touch, so we can discuss how we can make a difference in your daily operations.

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