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Allied Facility Care is a firm that eagerly works with businesses from all different types of industries. We have loyal industrial, healthcare, educational and commercial clients. If you are looking for a commercial cleaning company that can turn your warehouse into a meticulously tidy facility, clean an elementary school, a clothing boutique, a dining establishment, an insurance agency office, a church or anything else along those lines, we can provide those services. We are happy to work with all varieties of businesses in the vibrant Dallas-Fort Worth areas.

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Welcome to Allied Facility Care

25 years of experience, specializing in commercial cleaning, janitorial services, and total facility care solutions.

Allied Facility Care is a widely known company serving Dallas and Fort Worth area that has been a trusted tradition in the local commercial cleaning community for 25 enriching years and going strong. We accommodate the needs of businesses that are part of the educational, medical care, commercial and industrial worlds. Our team members are skilled professionals who specialize in floor care, in-depth janitorial services and more. When you need total facility care in or around Dallas and Fort Worth, our commercial cleaning services have no rivals. We can wow you with a service experience that is unsurpassed. Our aim is to offer you the convenience of cleaning services that can free you up to take on the things that are most important to you. We are a commercial cleaning business that can keep your work environment safe, pleasant, productive and bright all year long.

The High-Quality Services We Offer

We are a commercial cleaning company that gives clients a vast range of choices in services. Our specialties include commercial cleaning, floor care, office care, green cleaning and janitorial services. We can clean the windows in your offices. We can buff the hallways of your educational institution. We can make sure your retail establishment's floors are always free of debris and clutter. We can essentially do it all for you. It doesn't matter if you are looking for carpet shampooing, window washing, bathroom disinfection, glass cleaning, mopping, floor buffing, floor waxing, desk dusting or anything else. Our facility care services can provide you with a business environment that is enticing, healthy and enjoyable. A clean setting can do a lot for the morale of your employees. It can also encourage clients and customers alike to come back for more and more.

"Our Mission is to provide our customers with the best service experience possible."

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